Satellite TV Installation and Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen ...China

Satellite and IPTV industry is very special , so keep a low profile is necessary !

One long term and loyal customer always using his provider from A to Z. Thus it has good warranty each other. If you are new subscriber , Maybe you come here and compare the rate , it make no sense because you not know who is reliable provider and his credit-worthiness...

DishHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in Shanghai , Taicang , KunShan , Suzhou , Hangzhou , Nangjing , Shenzhen , Guangzhou

DishHD IPTV package contain 350 tv channels from USA , UK , Taiwan , Hongkong , Japan , Korea , Malaysia , Singapore etc. Please let me know if interested. Your home must have China Telecom or Unicom internet and Router.

Brasil Satellite Iptv Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin , Shenzhen , Guangzhou , Wuhan , Chengdu , Shaoxing , Kunshan , Nanjing , China

Brasil TV package have 151 tv channels , If your place have china telecom or unicom 100 or 200Mbps Internet and Router , Then you can watch these tv channels if you are interested in below all. In this package , you can not only watch below these channels also other 2000 tv channels ...
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South America + Arabic IPTV Subscription

We are offering IPTV service from Arabic countries , BeinSport , Brasil , Latin America , Chile , Peru , Argentina , Colombia , Cuba , Ecuador , Uruguay , Costa Rica, Mexico , Dominican, Spain , Portugal. It contain all below tv channels after you book this package. 

How to apply our tv service ?
Your place must have 100Mbps China Telecom or Unicom internet and router. ( China Mobile and other internet not support all iptv )

What TV channels do you can watch ?

All tv cahnnels in this package

Arabic IPTV :

DishHD Satellite IPTV Subscription in Japan and Korea , Australia , USA and UK , Canada , Germany , France ....

Requirement :

1).Telecom or Unicom Internet ( Download Speed 30Mbps at least by mobile wifi test ) and Router at your place .
2). Had better your router share the same room with your tv set.

Equipment :

one exclusive TV box with one year subscription.

TV Channels :

DishHD IPTV Subscription in Beijing , Shanghai , Tianjin , Shenzhen , Guangdong , China

DishHD IPTV package contain a lot of asia pacific tv channels , Please contact us if you are interested in dishhd satellite tv online package. Please add our wechat for more info .

Tata Sky IPTV

Tata Sky IPTV package , it contain total 343 tv channels. Telcom or Unicom internet modem ( 100-200 Mbps ) and Router .
One android tv box with one year subscriptiption.

001 ) . India TV

English IPTV Renewal Worldwide

How to renew your Smart TV Box after expiry ?

On your tv box bottom , have Mac address or turn on your tv , on tv screen right above corner have below number , We can renew online for it by the number , After renewal , you can watch one year. Pay by wechat or alipay or ATM , It took about one hour to make you tv box work again.... All renewal job will carry on online , online activate.

Wechat : satellitvonline

Super English IPTV Subscription and Renewal in China

I found that some people named this package Super IPTV , it has the same tv box with Digital Online IPTV Package ( 240 TV Channels ) , Super English IPTV only take out 154 english tv channels from it. So if you are only interested in English TV Channels , Then you also want this package for new connection or renewal , then please contact us.

Inspire IPTV Subscription at Bars , Cafe , Hotels , Restraunts , Schools , Saloon... All over the world !

Anywhere and anytime over Internet via router to online watch your tv channels ! HotHD Inspire IPTV package only for interested subscribers.

Requirement :

10-100 M internet ( China Telecom or Unicome ) via router at your home.
In other countries , your home have static ip address internet and router.

Equipment :

One Android TV Box with one year subscription fee.

TV Channels :


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